Should You Plan Events in the 10 happiest cities in the world?

Should You Plan Events in the 10 happiest cities in the world?

When you think of the happiest city in the world where do you picture? The big question is what makes people happy and how do you quantify that when planning events? Here are 10 of the happiest cities in the world and why you should think about planning your events there.

Making attendees happy at events is an important goal that helps to secure loyal attendees and a growing client base. Ultimately a happy guest is more likely to tell their friends and come back again.

If you have ever wondered what are the top 10 happiest cities in the world then you have come to the right place as we answer the question: should you plan your events there? and if so, which ones would suit?

Happiness Indicators

To assess the suitability of these cities, we first need to identify some of the indicators for happiness and what this can mean for the event industry.

Loyalty – Whether this is for a specific event, headline or city, loyalty shows that an attendee is happy with what is being provided in one form or another.

Health – The healthier the population the happier they are as they are not plagued by illnesses (well are you happy when you’re sick?) This can translate into planning events by offering healthier alternatives to food, alcohol or drinks and activities. You could also opt to promote healthy lifestyles and world health by running eco-friendly or green events.

Social Connection – Cities that have programs to encourage social interaction tend to have happier people because many of the causes of depression are related to feelings of loneliness. Creating events or areas where attendees and guests can interact and break the ice can have a positive effect on the way they interact at your event and can boost their mood. In addition to this, excellent social media surrounding an event can help attendees feel connected and more involved in an environment they are more comfortable with.

Generosity – Not just financially but also with their time, if your event staff and attendees are happier they are more likely to give more which specifically helps if your events are volunteer driven. You should note that a lot of the happiest cities are not in fact in the richest countries in the world and this is important to remember that throwing money at an event will not necessarily yield happy results.

Patience – Having more patience is usually a sign of those who are more care-free and happier which is particularly beneficial if your event ever requires a short waiting time or runs into any technical difficulties. In difficult times having understanding attendees means a lot!

Smiles – In the service industry the phrase “service with a smile” is often used often in training new employees and this is because a smile is welcoming and infectious. Would you feel comfortable being served food from someone who looks like they might have just spat in it? Nope. Making your attendees smile is not just reserved for comedy acts and can encourage others to do the same so this should be a real goal of yours.

Postivity – Happy attendees and event staff are more positive which helps create a welcoming atmosphere and alleviates awkwardness, stress and can encourage problem solving. Positive attendees are also more inclined to buy things at an event which can increase your revenue if you have additional extras that you are trying to promote.

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