Planning Party : 18 Steps to Organising the Perfect Celebration

Planning Party : 18 Steps to Organising the Perfect Celebration

The job of planning the company Corporate party can often seem something of an unwelcome and scary prospect. You are not alone if that’s how you are feeling about it, as the time constraints and pressure of wanting to organised something that all your colleagues will enjoy can make it a stressful ordeal.

One thing to remember if there is serious event planning to be done is that it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas. You may feel it is too early to start getting into the festive spirit but if you want your work celebration to run smoothly then organisation is key. You can be sure no matter how far away December 25th seems, there will always be someone who has already started planning their own event.

This seemingly thankless task is often dumped on people with little previous knowledge of organizing large-scale events so in this post we will be taking you through the steps needed to create a perfect party from a professional event organizer’s perspective. Whatever your level of experience we hope you will find something to help you understand the options available and to ensure you deliver a real Christmas cracker of a party.

#1 – Set the date

#2 – Find out the budget

#3 – Establish the type of Christmas party you’re organising

#4 – Source the venue

#5 – Making it look pretty: theming

#6 – Fill bellies: the food

#7 – Getting everyone in the party spirit: ordering the drinks

#8 – Making the right noises: choosing the music

#9 – Book entertainment

#10 – Organise ‘thank-you’ speeches and awards

#11 – Adding that touch of sparkle: extra ways to enhance your event

#12 – Visualise the event

#13 – Organise transportation

#14 – Invite the guests

#15 – Create the table plan

#16 – Put together a full itinerary

#17 – Managing the event

#18 – Ask for feedback

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